July 15, 2018
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Welcome to yet, another edition of the swinging, psych-pop party known as Oracle. By now you should know to automatically set aside time to catch Oracle every Sunday from 2-3:30 pm Eastern. Listen here:

Below is the kaleidoscopic, colourful playlist. Enjoy! As always, don't forget to give me a follow to keep the groovy vibes going in between shows!

Colours To Life-Temples
Under The Rainbow-The End
Red Sky at Night-The Ilk 
Shades of Orange-Wax Machine
The Colour 55-Beaulieu Porch
Mellow Yellow-Ciao Bella

Green Circles-Small Faces
The Sound of Colour-Sir Psych
Wall of Blue Sky-Haleiwa
Indigo Meadow-The Black Angels
Pretty Colours-Deep Feeling

The Strange, Strange Design-Violet Swells
Little White Pills-Red Plastic Buddha
She's a Rainbow-The Rolling Stones
Gold Is The Colour of Thought-The Smoke
In a Rainbow-Sweetwater
Black Cat-Neils Children

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